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Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧

Fascism:Are We There Yet?
MARGARET KIMBERLEY / The Black Commentator i.135, 21apr2005

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_11582226.jpg

Our government is treating us the way exterminators treat vermin. We are ruled by people who mask evil ideology with the artful use of language, so an advertising slogan is in order.

“Roaches check in, but they don’t check out.”

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_0325994.jpg

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_9585287.jpg

Mindfully.org note: The direction all this so-called security is headed in is towards a total police state where your every move is detected and inspected. Mind control is not far off. Wake up America.
Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_10171736.gif

You will soon be no better off than a hog in a factory farm.

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_1022824.jpg


Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_9134465.jpg

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_92799.jpg

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_930414.jpg

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_632542.jpg

The United States government is now proposing that the roach treatment be meted out to American humans who want to visit Canada, Mexico, Panama and Bermuda. These countries currently do not require visiting Americans to have passports.

The United States can’t force these nations to change their laws, so they are changing ours. The Department of State is proposing that Americans returning from these countries be required to have passports in order to re-enter the United States. We’ll be able to check in, but not check out without letting Uncle Sam know where we have been.

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_9184692.jpg

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_11274067.jpg

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_015225.gif

When the President was asked about the new travel proposals he feigned both ignorance and concern:

"When I first read that in the newspaper, about the need to have passports, for particularly the day crossings that take place – about a million, for example in the state of Texas – I said, ‘What's going on here?’” Bush added that finger prints may be used “to serve as a so-called passport for daily traffic.” Assuming this statement has any bearing in reality, a big leap to be sure, the President is proposing that we should all be finger printed like criminals. Bush once joked that a dictatorship wouldn’t bother him, as long as he was the dictator. His wish has come true.

Not only will Americans require passports to travel everywhere, but beginning in 2007 our passports will have Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) chips embedded inside them. Any RFID reader, not just those used by customs officials, can be used to find all the information contained on a passport. That means our personal information is not secure from identity thieves, kidnappers, terrorists, or nosy individuals. Why would an administration that claims to make us more secure actually make us less so?
Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_11251336.jpg

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_11254441.jpg


“Unfortunately, there is only one possible reason: The administration wants surreptitious access themselves,” wrote security technologist Bruce Schneier in the October 4, 2004 International Herald Tribune. “It wants to be able to identify people in crowds. It wants to surreptitiously pick out the Americans, and pick out the foreigners. It wants to do the very thing that it insists, despite demonstrations to the contrary, can't be done.”

The story gets even worse. Tom Ridge, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, recently became a board member of Savi Technology. Savi supplies RFID technology to the military. Will Savi and Tom Ridge make money from the imminent embedding of RFID chips in our passports? It is as likely as Dick Cheney and Halliburton making money in Iraq. The Bush doctrine of enriching cronies and keeping the population under control is alive and well.

The writing has been on the wall for some time now. We fight back as well as we can but big brother keeps getting bigger. Is it time to throw in the towel? Should we take our passports with their tracking devices and get out of Dodge before sundown?

Most progressives have muttered at one time or another that they would leave the country if Bush won again. Well, he did and it is as bad as we feared. The future isn’t looking a lot brighter and the attacks have become more brazen.

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_38337.jpg

People who call themselves Christians speak of a legislative “nuclear option” meant to end the Senate filibuster and silence critics of the powerful. Even religious leaders have happily adopted the language of violence and death.

Their latest target is the judiciary. Even Republican appointees are not safe from their wrath. Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy is one of the five who voted to put George W. Bush in office. It didn’t do him much good with the Christian right.

One Edwin Vieira, an alleged expert on constitutional law and a right wing crazy, accused Kennedy of upholding “Marxist, Leninist, satanic principles drawn from foreign law.” He also had this to say about the Reagan appointee:

“He (Stalin) had a slogan, and it worked very well for him, whenever he ran into difficulty, No man: no problem.”

Joseph Stalin, the man who ruled an officially atheist nation, is now the darling of the Christian right. Anyone who dispatched their enemies ruthlessly is now their idol. When conservative jurists are fair game for violent threats from the Christian right, don’t bother seeking sanctuary in a church. Just pack your bags.

This nation is on a runaway train with insane people at the controls. We will end up in Crazyland, forever in debt, without social security, with RFID chips embedded in our foreheads. At a certain point it will be too late to jump. We may not have reached that point yet, but the train is not slowing down.

Margaret Kimberley’s Freedom Rider column:margaret.kimberley@blackcommentator.com. http://freedomrider.blogspot.com/

source: http://www.blackcommentator.com/135/135_fr_fascism_pf.html 21apr2005 リンクは切れている

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_9554540.jpg

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_11523976.jpg

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_1153690.jpg

ついに「政府の悪い行為を指摘するネットを弾圧へ」 小野寺光一




Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_106497.jpg





Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_13234420.jpg

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「ブロガーおよびサイバー反体制派のための手引 書)」と題された全87ページに及ぶこの小冊子 RWBのJulien Painは同手引書の序論の中で、「主要メディアが (政府による)検閲や圧力を受けている国々では、ブロガーだけが真 のジャーナリストである場合が多い」とし、さらに「政府の反感を 買ったり、時に逮捕される危険を冒してまで、独立した報道を提供しているのは彼らだけだ」と述べている。

以上 はなゆーさんのブログ より抜粋


軍事力増大と警察力強化・・この二つを欠いては、前述の計画を完成させることは全くできない。われわれの到達目標は、われわれを除いては、世界のすべての国家には、プロレタリアート群集とわれわれの利益に奉仕する少数の百万長者と、(私物化された)警察官と兵隊たちだけがいればよろしい。 プロトコール7より)


Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_13492285.jpg



Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_154312.jpg

Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_15392114.jpg

 ただし、もしも世界の国民にホッと一息でも入れさせるならば、われわれが渇望する時は九分九厘到来しないのである。 (プロトコール10より)


Fascism: Are We There Yet? 電子的行動監視・言論弾圧_c0139575_213243.jpg

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