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Henry MakowのOh my Gawd! フルさんとNWO御大

Fulford's Ninjas: Don't Hold Your Breath November 10, 2007

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Henry MakowのOh my Gawd! フルさんとNWO御大_c0139575_22574014.jpg

"Oh my Gawd!" I exclaimed when Benjamin Fulford sent me his picture with David Rockefeller. "He actually met the Grand Panjandrum of the New World Order!"

When we last tuned in, Benjamin Fulford had issued an ultimatum to the Illuminati on behalf of an ancient Chinese Secret society, consisting of six million members, including thousands of assassins, gangsters and ninjas: "Desist with your plans for world depopulation or else you and your families will be assassinated."

"We will pluck out the eye at the top of the Illuminati pyramid," Fulford told us. "We have trained ninjas close to them all. They will be wiped out in a matter of hours."

Fulford offered to meet David Rockefeller at the estate of his great grandfather, tycoon G.T. Fulford in Brockville Ont. He waited but there was no response.

Silence. The whole (conspiracy) world held its breath. In August, Fulford reported that the Illuminati had promised to play nice: George Bush would not finish out his term. He also reported that the Japanese were going to cast off the Rockefeller yoke, and would make continued financing of the US debt conditional on reform.

Now this!

One problem. Something was wrong with this picture: specifically the expression on the intrepid Fulford's face. He looks like a kid who just met Santa Claus, not the arch-enemy of mankind. Rockefeller's family financed Auschwitz and Mengele's experiments on live inmates. They and their Satanic henchmen are dragging humanity into an abyss.

"Oh my God, is that DR?" I asked the Tokyo-based journalist. "Have you gone over to the dark side? Wipe that silly grin off your face!"

It turns out the meeting was not in response to the ultimatum after all:

"There is much I cannot say but I guarantee you I would rather burn in hell than go over to the dark side. Hell, though is just total and permanent oblivion. I told him I thought of him as the Wizard of Oz and said, "Mr. Rockefeller, we all want to go back to Kansas." He was with two handlers and most of the conversation was on camera; that meant there was no chance of getting him to admit to any secret plans. I also gave him a private letter from G.T. Fulford. At G.T.'s insistence the contents cannot be made public now for reasons of global security. I talked with him before he went to meet the Emperor. Big changes are coming. The world is going to get much, much better, that much I promise."

Makow: "I take it then that you did not meet DR in your capacity as rep of the Red and Green [secret society], and that DR did not know of your previous "invitation."...Frankly I see this conspiracy as so pervasive that it is not likely to change course. But I want to be wrong, naturally."

Fulford: "The meeting was in two capacities. One was within the matrix to get his public face and official views on the record. The other was personal in order to verify that the Fulford and the Rockefeller families have been intertwined for over a century by the ghost of G.T. Fulford. The secret society's messages can be read in the newspapers every day."

"The Asian countries are dumping their dollars. The Japanese have pulled out of the Afghan coalition. Asian nations are calling for world peace. Japan's government has approved 911 documentaries on prime time TV. The emperor summoned David Rockefeller. This but a sampling of the evidence that the secret society has begun its move.Their aim is to end 300 years of illuminati world rule. They will succeed. The evidence is in the newspapers. Just watch the dollar and the pound (the ultimate sources of illuminati power) plummet. Japan is paying for oil in yen, many countries are refusing to use dollars. If people do not accept dollars, the U.S. cannot afford to maintain its military machine."

G.T. Fulford was a patent medicine tycoon like J.D. Rockefeller. Apparently he was the largest shareholder in General Electric and was about to buy General Motors when he met an untimely death in 1905 when a trolley rammed into his chauffeured limo. Apparently he was planning to finance Tesla.

Anyway, the picture has changed from the one Fulford gave me back in June. Then, he was about to declare war on the Illuminati, but would give them one last chance. Now he is delivering letters written by the ghost of his dead great grandfather, and talking about how the two families are intertwined.

For some reason Fulford chose me to introduce his story. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I want to keep believing in Benjamin and his Ninjas, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Henry MakowのOh my Gawd! フルさんとNWO御大_c0139575_7285824.jpg



Henry MakowのOh my Gawd! フルさんとNWO御大_c0139575_23222342.jpg

Henry MakowのOh my Gawd! フルさんとNWO御大_c0139575_2335533.jpg




Henry MakowのOh my Gawd! フルさんとNWO御大_c0139575_23184333.jpg

本当にこうなればいいんですけど.. まだ、???




追記 2007.11.13

私のひいおじいさんはロックフェラー1世に殺されました BenjaminFulford


G.T.Fulford は1905年にジョン.ロックフェラー一世の友人だった。ジョンロクフェラーは全ての富を手に入れたが、いつか寿命がきて死ななきゃならないことにすごく不満を持っていた。そこで彼自身が神様を呼びつけるか、自分で神をつくるか考えた。


G.T.Fulford はこの恐ろしい彼の計画を止めようとした。当時GE(General Electric)の筆頭株主だったG.T.Fulford は電気でロックフェラーの石油利権を潰そうとした。

そうしたところ、1905年にG.T.Fulford はロックフェラーに殺された。その際、祖父はまだ三才だったので自分の資産を守ることが出来ず、GEの株は全てロックフェラーの手に渡った。

G.T.Fulford はあまりにも人類の未来が心配なままこの世を去ったので、魂は残され霊となってあらゆる人の元に現れる。例えばカナダの元総理大臣のWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Lyon_Mackenzie_King)は自分の日記にG.T.の霊と相談しながら祭りごとをやったと184回も書きました。


ここのページのSearch by word pharace and dateという丸いところをクリックして、George Fulfordと入力するとでてきます。




先日はデイビット・ロックフェラーは極秘状況で来日したつもりだった。建前として自分の自伝の本の日本語版を売るためだった。彼は書店で事前に知らされていなかったサイン会をやった。そのサイン会の写真がネットにのせられ、その写真のリンクを読者がたまたま私に送ってくれた。私は長年ジャーナリストをやっていたので裏ワザが色々ある。ロックフェラーは古い人だしアメリカ大使館に用があるだろうから、ホテルはオークラに泊まるだろうと推測した。夜の10時に電話したら本人が行事が終わって、鞄持ちとはなれて一人で寝る準備をするだろうと思った。そこで夜10時にホテルの代表にかけて、英語で”Could I please speak to David Rockefeller”と尋ねたら直接本人とつながった。びっくりしただろう。アポを頼んだら次の朝11時に15間のインタビューができたということです。


Henry MakowのOh my Gawd! フルさんとNWO御大_c0139575_6425619.jpg

追記 2007.11.14





Fulford Emerges as an Endearing Crank November 14, 2007

By Henry 辛口 Makow Ph.D.

I scolded Benjamin Fulford, "You were on record as wanting to deliver an ultimatum from a tangible power; instead you delivered three letters from a ghost."

Fulford thinks he is channeling the ghost of his great-grandfather, tycoon G.T. Fulford, who knew John D. Rockefeller.

When he met David Rockefeller in Tokyo recently, Fulford didn’t even mention the Chinese Secret Society's threat to assassinate members of the Illuminati if they didn’t change course. Instead he delivered three harebrained letters about Rockefeller ending war and poverty, thereby establishing a legacy, and going to heaven.

The ghost entices DR with cliched New Age descriptions of heavenly bliss. Apparently this ghost has not heard that "it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."

Rockefeller is part of an evil and ancient conspiracy against God and man. Does Fulford really think he will be converted by these letters?

Is the Chinese Secret Society also a figment of Benjamin Fulford's fevered imagination? Why would assassins and gangsters take up the cause of humanity? More likely they would be part of the Illuminati themselves. Was Fulford set up to create and dash expectations?

In my defense, when I introduced Fulford, I did say:" This secret society is challenging the traitorous Western Establishment. We're talking about the State Apparatus! So please be critical. It may or may not be what he says. Time will tell."

Well, the verdict is in. Benjamin Fulford has emerged as an endearing crank, someone who wants to save the world but doesn’t understand what deep doo-doo we are in.

Fulford wrote to me Tuesday: "Please realize the Asian secret societies have asked me to find a win-win solution for all concerned as my first priority. Mr. Rockefeller has been given a chance to voluntarily try to make amends towards the end of his life. It is his last chance. He and his people have been exposed and are about to be eliminated from the body politic of the world."

"However, they still control the ability to kills hundreds of millions if not billions of people (Israel's 200 nukes come to mind). In such circumstances offering them a chance to resolve the situation peacefully is still the first choice."

Yes, Benjamin but you didn’t even mention to Rockefeller the threat you have been parading across the Internet for the last four months. You had no business delivering these letters, which Rockefeller certainly dismissed as the work of a boob.

I advised Ben to keep the letters confidential but he is so taken by his vision (and himself?) that he sent them to Jeff Rense.

"I have seen the movie A Beautiful Mind," he writes, and am open to considering the possibility all this involvement with the illuminati has pushed me over the brink."

Yes, the pressure must be enormous. But then he tries to justify himself on the basis that the same ghost advised a Canadian Prime Minister. So what?

"As for G.T. I admit it is a surreal issue. However, I ask you this: why would the Canadian government make secret, to this day, exactly what this purported ghost told [Prime Minister MacKenzie] King? ...I guarantee you this alleged ghost was warning about the illuminati."

Hello! King was part of the Illuminati! He was J.D. Rockefeller's best buddy. He was a creep who engaged in séances and pretended to save prostitutes. Canadian poet F.R., Scott wrote his epitaph: "He blunted us."

Fulford imagines his Chinese Secret Society is behind the decline in the US dollar. He thinks this "soft power" will render the US incapable of advancing the New World Order.

Again, I beg to differ. The Illuminati have no loyalty to the US but are perfectly capable of keeping it afloat until the next world war.

Fulford was correct when he said that opponents of the NWO had to take out the top Illuminati. This is the only thing they fear: an armed and aroused population. Democracy is a charade. The mass media is an instrument of social control. They want to keep us campaigning for Ron Paul and writing letters to the editor.

Don't misunderstand me. Paul would be a great President but the process is fixed. He hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

Had there been an army of oriental assassins to do our dirty work, how convenient it would have been! In the Muslim world, there are plenty of people willing to sacrifice their lives for their Cause. But we armchair patriots are capable only of posting new diatribes on the Internet.

Just as well since 98% of the population is oblivious to the fact that the country has been subverted by an international occult society, and the elite all belong to it. (The Council on Foreign Relations is one of its outward manifestions.)

At times like this, our best weapons are our common sense and our spiritual ideals. Let's remain calm and resist the world of the occult. Let's have faith that a greater power than the Illuminati is at work.

November 16, 2007
David Rockefellerのインチキ経済学を暴く

先日David Rockefellerが日経新聞のインタビューでいつもの市場原理主義のプロパガンダを述べた。





追記 2007.11.21 他









さてはて: 麻薬結社=殺人株式会社=イスラエル中心の諜報組織=銀行団権力説の説得力は高いが、アジアの結社はアジア人に対する病原体攻撃に気づいても、おとなしくはいはい言い続けるであろうか?

by oninomae | 2007-11-11 23:01  

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