ヨーロッパへの移民侵略の裏にイルミナティ by Oliver + 島根地震

Illuminati Behind Europe's Invasion-by-Migration by Oliver Berlin Correspondent (henrymakow.com) June 2, 2011


(Rothschild overseer Angela Merkel signals her Illuminati loyalties with the Masonic pyramid sign.)

"This article is about our countries being under attack ... not from the outside, but from the top down, for the implementation of hidden agendas."

So many simple minds speak as if Muslims had suddenly decided to roll over our borders and besiege our cities. Far beyond those quarrels about "integration," the paramount question is who is setting us up against each other.

Has anyone noticed that "migrant" countries-of-origin have been destroyed by western military, engineered "revolutions", assassinations of political leaders and imposed "credit" from western institutions created out of thin air? Most of us sat in front of the TV and watched the show and paid for the bombings with our taxes.  "Our" global leaders have provided Iraqis (depleted uranium), Yugoslavians (NATO carpet bombings) and now Libyans with good reasons to flee over here.







Africans would be as rich as Saudis, if they would be paid for their natural resources instead of taking it for free in exchange for IMF book entries. In the late 1980ies Deutsche Bank CEO Alfred Herrhausen already maintained that the debt crisis threatens the peace and economic well being of the whole of humanity! His insistence on debt forgiveness for 3rd world countries, even at the Bilderberg meeting, caused waves in the upper echelons of the banking community. He was soon assassinated. These two pillars of masonry have been erected where he died.


When current Deutsche Bank CEO Ackermann was asked about debt relief on state TV he said that he wouldn´t want to share the fate of Herrhausen.

Today´s EU technocrats still prostrate when they hear the name Calergy-Coudenhove who is regarded as the father of the modern EU.


His book "Practical Idealism" is (deliberately) out of print. Two quotes from the EU guru and mentor of Otto von Habsburg:

1. "From the European quantity-people, ... , the mass, two quality races rise up: blood aristocracy and Jewry."

2. " The man of the future will be a mongrel."


Exactly this we are seeing orchestrated with huge government funds, programs, legislation and social engineering. Then, there is Mrs. Spectre with the European Jewish Fund and other programs behind her saying that Jews will be resented because of their leading role of bringing Europe into a multicultural mode.

Otherwise, she threatens, Europe will not survive it. She didn´t explicitly point out whether Israel´s nuclear warheads were threatening European cities nor who controls the European financial system. The vile, delusion and arrogance with which these elitists speak is unsurpassed.

With largely parallel societies emerging, mongrelization has not yet progressed as swiftly as our neo-Babylonian rulers would have hoped.


So our proxy governments are now fighting a lot harder for the destruction of European peoples and nations.  Migrant robbers, rapists, violent offenders, "honor murderers" are getting away with admonitions, psychological training and probation while natives are serving serious jail terms for equal offenses or even are punished sternly for emergency self-defense.

Roma gangs of violent offenders in two German cities were provided with martial arts sports events through government programs. One might wonder about the intentions. A migrant woman received GBP 4,500 in state funds through a UK Home Office program to be spent exclusively in her country of origin after she slammed a baby to death. The UK government hopes she will make use of the offer and leave Britain.

The German Grundgesetz (constitution for an occupied country) was amended to push doors wide open for the multitudes; the European Social Security Agreement (Europäisches Fürsorgeabkommen) was passed, international contracts such as the German Turkish Agreement have been implemented. Government officials are endlessly clamouring for more immigration. More and more legislation is pushed to favour migrants into the police, as school teachers, etc. while leftist politicians aim at a quota of 40% migrants in the government administration in Berlin. None of the afore mentioned, push as well as pull factors for migration were planned nor implemented by Muslims or migrants ! Most of the people complaining about Muslims today have voted for exactly those "conservative" parties who were opening legislative doors for multiculturalism and backing the grusome "coalition of the willing" !

The vast majority of Muslims and migrants, I personally have met, were decent and kind individuals; some were exceptionally fine people. I feel for the peoples of all countries, European or not European.

I am writing from a German perspective because that is what I happen to see every day. This article is about our countries being under attack ... not from the outside, but from the top down, for the implementation of hidden agendas. Manuel Barroso, former president of the EU Commission spoke of a foreseeable Apocalypse" with civil war and the re-emergence of dictatorships.


Meanwhile, our "representatives" keep on pushing the cart in exactly that direction. If not a bigger segment of society will wake up, we might end up as the next migrants.



Integration is just another ruse. The deliberate swap of a population is in consequence genocide. The occult theocracy creates the population profile it needs for it´s agenda. The ideal of the brotherhood of mankind has been perverted into the creation of one slave race.


I invite all peoples all over the world wherever they are born, to say "I want my country back. My country is not a chess board. I´m fed up with deluded occultists creating a global tyranny." Otherwise we can expect to continue to be straw dogs in their satanic "dialectics".




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