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上の写真の「軍隊級」の地下壕は2000人と最大60ヶ月分の食糧を収容する能力があり、地下発電システムを備えている。 空気・水の浄化装置を備え、核、化学兵器、生物兵器から護ることができる。 費用はトータルで1600億ドルである。



モルモン教は3000億ドルの予算で、この施設を2台導入しようとしているようだ。モルモン教のプレジデントGordon B Hinckleyによると、テンプル・スクエアの環境を護るために、巨大な建設工事を伴うプロジェクトが進行中であるという。





9/11 and the Gadianton Robbers

Following the events of 9/11, Gordon B. Hinckley made reference to the Gadianton robbers in his October 2001 general conference talk.1 Here is an excerpt of his comments:

Now we are at war. Great forces have been mobilized and will continue to be. Political alliances are being forged. We do not know how long this conflict will last. We do not know what it will cost in lives and treasure. We do not know the manner in which it will be carried out. It could impact the work of the Church in various ways. ・・・

LDS (Mormon) President Gordon B. Hinckley After 9/11 - Pt. 1

LDS (Mormon) President Gordon B. Hinckley After 9/11 - Pt. 2 

9-11 and the Mormon-Mossad-CIA Connection





Eccles家 (Federal Reserve, Planned Parenthood, Eugenics and Gay Rights) 関連



Marriotts家 (Gambling, Pornography and Alcohol)


Mitt Romney家 (Olympics Cover-up, Hedge Funds, Neocon)







Romney Attends Funeral Of Leader Of The Mormon Church



Mormon Illuminati Underground City?

Shelter Price Military Model: $160,530,800 U.S. DollarsThe above "military grade" underground bunker can hold 2,000 people, up to 60 months worth of food, and has its underground power system. It also has its own air/water purification system and guaranteed to protect against nuclear, chemical and biological agents. The total cost is 160 million dollars (Source).

The Mormon Illuminati funded "City Creek Center" project, with a budget that could be as high as $8-10 billion, has very little investment going above ground (source). Probably staying pretty close its $300 million dollar initial budget. Which means that one of two things is going on:

1. Its a money laundering operation with a construction project as its front. In which case, some vigilant citizen could make millions of dollars by reporting it to the Internal Revenue Service (They pay a 10% finders fee on any uncollected income taxes).

2. The Mormon Illuminati have partnered with the Mormon Church to build an underground city for the coming apocalypse.

I believe that the underground city makes more sense, considering how the project is being financed. According to President Gordon B Hinckley:

"We are now working on a major undertaking in Salt Lake City. It is imperative that we preserve the environment around Temple Square. This makes necessary a very large construction project. Tithing funds will not be used for this construction. The income from Church businesses, rents on the property, and other such sources make this possible." (Source)

Yet, in another statement he proclaimed that income from Church owned businesses would not sustain the Church for a very long time. (Source) This makes it highly unlikely that Church Investments are still behind this now multi-billion dollar development.

Which indicates that the multi-billion dollar project is now being funded by mostly private donations. This money would come from Mormon Illuminati familes like the Eccles (Federal Reserve, Planned Parenthood, Eugenics and Gay Rights), the Marriotts (Gambling, Pornography and Alcohol), Mitt Romney (Olympics Cover-up, Hedge Funds, Neocon) and others.

The Illuminati are bringing about their "age of Lucifer" through destroying the current world order and building a new one on its ashes. Their program includes massive depopulation through:

1. World War III: A conflict between Islam, China and Russia vs. the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

2. Biological warfare.

3. Chemical Warfare

4. Nuclear Warfare

5. Economic collapse & Race Riots

Considering the amount of havoc they plan on unleashing on the earth's surface, an underground city in downtown Salt Lake makes a whole lot of sense. Before the cataclysm, they and their allies in the Mormon Church are raptured and disappear to their "retreat". Meanwhile, MWMs (Mormons Without Money) are learning for themselves the truth about God's existence as they prepare to meet their Maker.


イルミナティはNWOを進めるために米国を作り出した  By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Did the Rothschild's Buy the Mormon Church?


My Dad with one of the wealthiest men, Swiss Billionaire Robert Vincent de Oliverri is the name of a Rothschild convert to the LDS Faith who paid off the Lien (Chase Manhattan Bank/David Rockefeller - Deseret Ranch purchase/debt in Florida) on Temple Square back in 1967 ...(Steve Davis)

Startling new claims are coming out about the Rothschild relationship with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. According to one Steve Davis, whose father was the highest ranking Mason in Utah, and an employee of the Rothschilds, the Church was suckered into buying $500 million dollars of worthless "swamp land" by two of its Counselors in the early 1960s. Davis claims that the Church lien that resulted gave the Rockefeller family control over all Church assets, including Temple Square through Chase Manhattan Bank.

Apparently, Swiss Billionaire Robert Vincent de Oliverri, the second richest Rothschild in the world at the time, joined the LDS faith after two missionaries knocked on his door. The Illuminati will often join Churches and other organizations to move them into their globalist agenda. In what appears to be a "hand-off" from the Rockefellers to the Rothschilds, Oliverri flew into Salt Lake City and wrote a $500 million dollar check to pay off the Rockefeller lien.

The above photo purports to show Steve Davis's father, Clyde Davis, picking up Oliverri at the Salt Lake Airport. According to Steve, Clyde was placed in charge of acquiring major contributions for the LDS Church.

The implications of all this are staggering and could answer the questions of how Illuminati Globalists, like Joseph Cannon,

Chris Cannon,

Mitt Romney,

Orrin Hatch,

Harry Reid,

the Marriotts,

and a slew of others have risen to prominence within the Mormon Church.

We will explore this connection in greater detail in future articles.

Mormon Church Shakes Hands with the Devil?


George Bush Shares Masonic Handshake of "Full Fellowship" with LDS Church President, Thomas Monson

The Religious Affiliation of President Jimmy Carter

Carter said Mormons are already Christian and he criticized the SBC for trying to proselyte Mormons.

Zbigniew Brzezinski to speak at BYU today 1/12/2010

Mormons In America The Past And Present Of One Of The U.S.'s Largest Religions

Most of us probably know very little about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- the Mormon church -- other than the world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Well, today, you may have a Mormon family living right down the block.

The Democratic leader in the Senate, Harry Reid of Nevada, is Mormon as is Mitt Romney, the governor of Massachusetts and a possible presidential candidate. The Marriott family, who owns the hotel chain is also Mormon.

There are now almost six million members in the United States and an additional six million overseas. Temples can be found from Los Angeles to Boston to Washington, DC, reports Sunday Morning host Charles Osgood.

There is even a Mormon temple right here in midtown Manhattan across the street from Broadway and Lincoln Center. The Church is growing so fast in membership in this country, it now ranks behind Roman Catholics, Southern Baptists and United Methodists.

Susan and Matt Royall live in northern Virginia with her two daughters from a previous marriage. She is expecting a third child. Matt was raised Catholic, but the Royalls were looking for a new spiritual home.

"I grew up Episcopalian," Susan says. "I didn't know anything about Mormons. I really didn't.

"And when the missionaries walked through that door, it was like, 'Ah.' It was just like a breath of -- it was like the breath of life just came into me," Susan intimates.

The experience left an indelible imprint on Susan's life. She recalls of her first encounter with the Mormon missionaries, "I was like, 'O my gosh, it's like my skin is on fire.' That was the feeling I wanted from the other churches but never had."

Her husband, Matt, adds, "It was a feeling we had. It was so powerful."

Matt and Susan were baptized into the Church in April 2004.

"My religion now is the center of my life," Susan says.

The Royalls say what attracted them were the stories in the Book of Mormon, which the Church considers a companion to the Bible. Each summer the book comes to life in a pageant in upstate New York near where the Church was founded.

Roger Sorenson directed the pageant for seven years. Osgood observes Sorenson as he retells a Mormon story of a prophet in Jerusalem.

"The Lord appeared to me and told me to take my family into the wilderness," Sorenson says. He talks of the prophet building a boat and traveling to America and then enduring a civil war. Finally, Sorenson says, a "savior" from Jerusalem comes to America

"We see him come to this country after his resurrection. And teach his people. He organized his church here just like in the old country," Sorenson says.

In time, the story goes, a general named Mormon buried a record of these events written on golden plates. They remained hidden until an angel appeared to 14-year old Joseph Smith and directed him to the plates.

The young Smith lived on a farm near Palmyra, N.Y. Spiritually curious, it is said he rejected the teachings of other churches -- even at the tender age of 14. In 1820, Smith said God and his son, Jesus, appeared to him in the woods near his home. They told him all existing churches were an abomination. He had been chosen to reestablish the one true Christian church.

Richard Lyman Bushman, a Mormon, has written extensively on Smith as a professor of history at Columbia University in New York. If you think the Mormon story is far-fetched, he says, think about the roots of other religions.

"Certain kinds of religion have a broad appeal everywhere. And Mormonism brings this promise that God is speaking to his people," Bushman explains.

The professor adds, "All the great religions, or many of them, are founded on a revealed miracle. The resurrection, the parting of the Red Sea, the vision -- Mohammed's visit, vision of Gabriel. So, Joseph Smith from that point of view fits into a pattern that reaches a long way back."

Smith attracted a following -- and enemies. Local churches bristled at being labeled "an abomination" so Smith led his followers west. In 1843, Smith further enraged non-Mormons when he said God revealed to him that men should be allowed to marry more than one woman, as did "Abraham" and "other" prophets.

"It went against conventional Victorian morality, so it confirmed this view of Joseph Smith as a dangerous person," Bushman says.

As the Church's numbers grew, it took political control of towns and whole counties and also raised an army. Non-Mormons felt threatened and there was violence. The Mormons were forced out of New York, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois. Smith was killed by a mob in Carthage, Ill. when he was only 38. Then most of his followers fled to desolate Utah.

Of course, the story doesn't end there.

"There are two landmarks, I would say, in Mormon history that makes it central to the mainstream," says Richard Ostling, chief religion writer for the Associated Press.

"The first," Ostling says, "is the 1890 decision , under pressure from the federal government and the United States Supreme Court, to get rid of polygamy."

The second was in 1978 when the Church ended its refusal to allow blacks into full membership.

"Getting rid of those, I think, has really liberated the Church and has helped in its expansion," Ostling says.

Ostling, author of the book "Mormon American," says the Church's emphasis on strong families has also propelled it's success. "I think there's a quest for stability and family roots," Ostling says.

This explains the success of Orthodox Judaism and Evangelical Protestants and many other groups. But, Mormons are certainly at the top of the list.

Mormons call their congregations "wards" not churches. That is where the Royalls and others worship and study scripture. On any given Sunday, the Royalls' ward is overflowing with families.

But, because Mormons also believe their religion extends back to ancient Israel, they also have temples.

Jan Shipps, considered the foremost non-Mormon scholar on the Church, explains that the temple is not like a church. "People don't -- there's not an organized community worshipping together," Shipps says.

Only Mormons with permission from their leaders are allowed into temple. That is where sealing ceremonies are held -- marrying couples for eternity. Baptisms are also held in temples. Not just for the living, but also for ancestors who died without baptism. "This is a very important part of Mormon understanding of connecting people now with people in the past," Scripps says.

From the earliest age, Mormons are taught in verse and song that they have a duty to spread the faith.

Bushman says at all times, there are 50,000 missionaries scattered around the globe. "It's expected of young men. And young women are invited," Bushman says.

To Shipps, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is not just another Christian denomination. "Mormonism is a fully-realized tradition," Scripps says. "It has, it has it's scriptures. It has its rituals. It has its doctrine. It has its social patterns."

Ostling says while the Church has its roots in America, it's more than that. "I think you could make the case that Mormonism, right now, is a new world religion," Ostling claims.

But to Matt and Susan Royall and millions of others, it is simply their spiritual home. "It has made my relationship with my children better. It has made my relationship with my husband better," Susan says. "It has brought nothing but goodness into my life."

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